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The regiment traces its heritage to a hussarcorps raised in 1757 by Putbus and von Platen. The next year the corps was transformed into the Swedish hussarregiment that was located on Rügen. The first commander was George Gustaf Wrangel. In 1762 the regiment was split into the Blue (Putbusska ) hussars and the Yellow (Wrangelska) hussars. In 1766 the two regiments remerged into the Royal hussars or as it was called after 1801 the Mernerska hussarregiment. In 1816 it was named the Cederströmska hussarregiment and in 1822, when the crownprince Oscar assumed command of the regiment, it was renamed the Crownprinces hussars. During the reign of Carl XV it was first called the Kings enlisted hussars and from 1860 the Hussarregiment King Carl XV. In 1882 it recieved its final name. The regiment was located in Malmö and merged with the Scanian hussars and the Scanian dragoons to form the Scanian cavalryregiment in 1928.


The regiments color was darkblue. The standard belonging to the regiment was an honorary standard awarded to the regiment in 1816 for its performance in the battle of Bornhöft.

Victory names:


Celebration day:

7th December, the anniversery of the battle of Bornhöft.