Even if logistical units had been existing even before, it wasnt until 1885 that the logistical corps became a separate branch of its own. The defence decision of 2000 means that all logistical units above brigade level are to be raised by T 2 alone. The rest are disbanded.

The branch color is blue

Name of unit Designation Notes
Royal Svea logistical regiment T 1 Disbanded in 1997
Royal Göta logistical regiment T 2  
Royal Norrlands logistical regiment T 3 Disbanded in 2000
Royal Scanian logistical regiment T 4 Merged into P2 in 1994
Royal Västmanlands logistical corps T 5 Disbanded in 1927
Royal Östgöta logistical corps T 6 Absorbed by T 1 in 1927