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The regiment traces its heritage to the regiment raised in 1646 in Ångermanland, Medelpad and Jämntland. This regiment was disbanded in 1661 but parts of it remained in Pommerania until 1670. In that year these remaines merged with a newly raised Jämtlands regiment on foot. In 1989 the regiment was named Jämtlands dragoonregiment but it never did, with the exception of one company, mounte up. That one cavallrycompany was later to become Jämtlands Jaegercorps on horse. In 1770 the regiments name was changed to Jämtlands infantry regiment and in 1820 it changed again to Jämtlands  Fieldjaegerregiment. Between 1853 and 1892 it was named Jämtlands Fieldjaegercorps and only contained one batallion. In 1910 the regiment was located in Östersund. From 1993 - 2000 the regiment raised the 5th Norrland brigade that was reorganized from a motorized brigade to a mechanized brigade with CV 90 and Pbv 401 (the swedish verson of the MT-LB). The regiment will continue to train CV 90 units and Pbv 401 units for the new brigades after 2000.


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The regiments color is blue.




"För Sveriges ära, för Sveriges makt, över berg, över dal, skallar Jämtlands jakt."

"For the glory of Sweden, for the power of Sweden, over mountain, over valley, the pursuit of Jämtland hollers."


20th of September (the anniversery of the battle of Nowodwor.)