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The regiment traces its heritage to the detachment from the Royal artillery regiment that was transferred to Gotland in 1711. Since than a force oof enlisted artillerymen of varying size always been part of the forces on Gotland. During the first half of 1800:s smaller units from Svea - , Wendes - , and the formelly Finnish artillery regiments made up the core of the artillery on Gotland. In 1861 a company from Svea artillery regiment was transferred to Gotlands nationalbeväring and together with the conscripts of that unit Gotlands nationalbevärings artillerycorps was raised. In 1887 it became an independant unit under the name Gotlands artillerycorps. The corps became motorized in 1934 and is located in Visby together with Gotlands regiment and Gotlands anticircraft artillerycorps. The regiment is disbanded in 2000.


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The regiments color is green.