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The regiment was raised in 1811 by introducing a conscript system unique to Gotland one hundred years before the introduction of the conscript system in the rest of Sweden. The regiment was first known as Nationalbeväringen å Gotland, later Gotlands Nationalbeväring. In 1887 it was reorganized into Gotlands infantry regiment and Gotlands artillerycorps. Between 1928 and 1937 the regiment was reduced to a corps. In 1963 the regiment transferred to the armored corps and at the same time absorbed the company sized detatchment from Göta lifeguards. The tankcadre of Gotlands regiment keeps the traditions of the detatchment alive by using its colors as companycolors. The brigade raised by the regiment from 1993-2000 was the 18th mechanized brigade with Strv 104 and Pbv 302. After 2000 the regiment will train Pbv 302 units as well as CV 90 units for the new brigades. Tank training will cease at the regiment.


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The regiments colors are blue and white (silver). Before 1954 they where red and white.


5th of February.



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The regimental mascot is a live ram. The one presently in service is named Harald III. His father and grandfather consequently where named Harald I and Harald II.