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In 1928 Göta lifeguards organized a tank battallion. In 1936 it was divided into two battallions. One at Skaraborgs regiment and one at Södermanlands regiment.On the 1st of October 1942 the armored corps was started as a separate branch and four regiments were transferred mainly from the infantry but also from the cavalry. In 1957 one of these were transformed into an armored infantry regiment and an independant battallion was started. In 1963 four more regiments were transferred to the armored corps. In 1994 yet one more regiment was transferred to the corps. In 2000 one regiment was disbanded, one was in name re-transferred to the infantry but still trains mechanized units.

The branchcolors of the corps are black and yellow. The branchsymbol is the armored fist with the sword raised for striking. It is worn on the collars fn the daily dress with the swords striking out from the throat.

Some infantry regiments ( I 7, I 10, I 15) became armored infantry regiments after the second world war, jointly raising the armored brigades with the armor regiments that only trained tank crews and units in those days. For example P 4 and I 15 jointly raised 5th and 9th armor brigades while I 15 still had its own brigade. This ended in 1963 with the new armored organization where the armor regiments were doubled in numbers but got the training responsibility for all the tank and armored infantryunits themselves. All but one of the former armored infantry regiments were transferred to use the experience gathered, I 7, I 10 where armoerd infantry regiments and I 18 had plenty of experience due to its sharing of barracks with the Göta life guard Gotland detachment. I 15 returned to the infantry while I 6 became an armor regiment without having had experience with armor.

The first four regiments and the independant battallion (that raised two independant tank battallions for reinforcing the Norrland brigades in war) were numbered consequently. When more regiments were tranfserred in 1963 the method of numbering had channged. The old number was retained but the P replaced the I. Thus Södermanlands regiment has had two different numbers as armor regiment. In 2000 it was decided to rename MekB 19 to its former name I 19 while still being a part of the armored corps.

Name of unit Designation Brigade raised today (1998) Transferred in year Notes
Royal Göta Lifeguards P 1 5th (?) armored brigade (until 1981) 1943 Disbanded in 1981
Royal Scanian Dragoonregiment P 2 8th mechanized brigade 1942 Disbanded in 2000
Royal Södermanlands regiment P 3   1942 Re-transferred in 1957
Royal Skaraborgs regiment P 4 9th mechanized brigade 1942  
Royal Norrbottens armored battallion P 5   Started in 1957 Merged into MekB 19 in 1994
Royal northern Scanian regiment P 6 26th armored brigade(until 1994) 1963 Disbanded in 1993
Royal southern Scanian regiment P 7 7th mechanized brigade 1963  
Royal Södermanlands regiment P 10 10th mechanized brigade 1963 Re-re-transferred
Royal Gotlands regiment P 18 18th mechanized brigade 1963  
Royal Norrbottens regiment MekB 19 19th mechanized brigade 1994 Re-named I 19 in 2000