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The regiment was raised in 1794 when the Royal artillery regiment was devided into four parts, Svea - , Göta - , Finlands - and Wendes artillery regements. The regiment was located in Gothenburg. In 1801 the regiment absorbed the Stedtingks regiment that was the garrison regiment in Gothenburg. In 1809 two companies of the disbanded finnish Savolax infantry regiment was absorbed as well. During the 1800:s part of the the regiment garrisoned the Karlstens, Karlsborgs and Varbergs fortresses. In 1893 two batteries were detached to form the newly raised Norrlands artillery regiment and the two companies located in Karlsborg were used to form the new Karlsborgs artillery corps. In 1895 two batteries were detached and formed the 2nd Göta artillery regiment and until 1904 the parent unit was named 1st Göta artillery regiment. The regiment was motorized in 1951 and disbanded in 1962.


The regimental color was yellow.